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Future Diary production background

Veröffentlicht: Sonntag, 09. Oktober 2016

  • "Future Diary" cartoon official announced at the end of March 2010 animation. The OAD limited edition of Volume 11 originally scheduled for sale in September 9 the same year, but the final extension to December 9. A 9-minute short animation featuring a 11-minute video version of the data set. Short animation to publicity and notice the nature of the main, including the snow-hui to participate in the game opportunity and the initial taste of the challenges of the scene; set data set is short animation set with the original set for in-depth introduction and comparison. Other bonus items include a DVD cover and a 4-page pamphlet.

  • In the short animation follows the seiyuu are passing to the official animated version, but short animation time and space God Zeus corner for the computer processing of male voice, in the official version for real interpretation. At the time of the short animation, the main production staff and positions have been largely decided. However, the official animated version in October 9, 2011, comic last volume launched nearly six months after the start of play, all 26 sets. Related to the production in the comic after the end of the official launch, nor because the Japanese animation has the end of the quarter, the situation is very rare. In addition, this is also an addition to the real location of Kanagawa Prefecture environment settings, also on the part of the story diary holder's experience and tactics to make adjustments.